POC – Part 3a: PowerShell: Crawling an External Web Site with the SharePoint 2010 Web Crawler

And now is time to speak of many things…but we won’t. Instead we will create, configure and run the SharePoint 2010 default web crawler from PowerShell. Remember to open up a PowerShell window from the Start menu: Start –> Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (right click –> Run as Administrator) The Short Version Add the…

POC – Part 2b: PowerShell: Configuring the connector/Indexing Content

The POC – Part 2 post was quite underwhelming. The VHD has all the software installed for us and stealing using content off the web was easy enough (well, maybe not that easy. I ended up writing a program to download files for me as I got tired of right-clicking and selecting Save Target As…)….