POC – Part 2b: PowerShell: Configuring the connector/Indexing Content

The POC – Part 2 post was quite underwhelming. The VHD has all the software installed for us and stealing using content off the web was easy enough (well, maybe not that easy. I ended up writing a program to download files for me as I got tired of right-clicking and selecting Save Target As…)….


POC – Part 2a: Ignoring Indexed Folders

In Part 2 of this series we crawled a file system and indexed that content. In doing so we also discovered that the SharePoint crawler also submits the folders of the file system to the index and Fast gladly add them. This submission of folders means that the search results can appear crowded since folders…


POC – Part 2: Search – Configuring the connector/Indexing Content

Hard to believe it has taken us 4 parts to get to the point where we could finally index some content, but Rome wasn’t built in a day (or for that matter neither was an OS installation). Besides, 1 part was planning and 3 were VM set-up. We are fine. The Reader’s Digest version of the…


POC – Part 1: Search – Mapping the Content Folder

Ready to start indexing some files? So am I! But we are not doing that this post. Sorry. Life can be full of disappointment. But not to worry. At this point in the journey we need to tell the VM where to find the files we want to index (we are indexed files for this…


POC – Part 2: Creating the VM – Deploying the VHD Using VirtualBox

Welcome back! I see you are not easily discouraged. Here are our assumptions: You are running Windows 7 You are running VirtualBox You have downloaded and extracted the VHD for Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Let’s hook up VirtualBox and the VHD. The Short Version Creating the VM Start Virtual Box. Notice the friendly…


POC – Part 1: Creating the VM – Extracting the VHD

In this post we will download the VHD from TechNet, and create the VHD. Well, if you are reading this then perhaps you were brave enough to download the VHD from TechNet that already has SharePoint 2010 and Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (hereafter referred to as FS4SP). If you have, jump down to…


Proof of Concept – Getting a Feel for the Terrain

Ah! A new year (yes, I know if it January 26, but I started writing this on the 6th)! Starting with this posting I am going to discuss implementing a basic evaluation of Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint that can be used as a guideline for POCs or entry level learning. A basic test…