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  1. Wade Beasley (Flextronics International) says:

    The most obvious thing that is missing on this list is the ease of creating a great User Experience and reducing the ongoing training costs to the business.

    Over the last 1.5 years, I have led a team of WPF developers and a graphics designer to create a Manufacturing Shop Floor system.  Yes the learning curve was steep and it took longer to deliver the final tool but the end result was amazing.

    The users training is all done by the line supervisors of the shop floor.  The training times went down from 2 all day sessions to 30 minutes.  

    The user efficiencies were also gained so much that we also reduced the total number of staff needed to get the jobs done.

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  4. pradeep says:

    Thanks, You have described really a significant use of WPF.

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