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  1. The following samples show the most common tasks you may need to perform on your application to get the

  2. Peter says:

    "create an account on winqal site."

    The winqal link is NG…

  3. Franky says:

    Good FAQ. Thanks for the info! There is also a pretty easy way of checking an MSIs Vista compatibility.  It’s a msi readiness analyzer from This free utility can find any possible issues that may occur with your MSI packages while installing to Vista. But the main advantage of this tool that it can not only show the issues but suggests another utility for solving them.

  4. says:

    Throughout the blog you mention the word "application". Can a Windows service be certified under the "Certified for Program Testcases" requirements? If so, how does this affect the requirement to run as a standard user (req 1.1) as opposed to Local System account which most services use?

    Thanks for all your information on the vista requirements!

  5. darioa says:

    requirements for an eligible application are described onto "APPLICATION ELIGIBILITY AND TESTING APPLICABILITY" (

    specifically the document says the following:

    For an application to qualify for the Certified for Windows Vista logo program, the application must meet the following criteria.

    • The application must run on a local Windows machine.

    • The application must have an installation experience.

    • The application must be a stand-alone application.

    an eligible application may contain Windows services and may possibly be composed only of a "windows service".

    Any application that is required to run as an administrator or requires an elevated privilege to run properly must receive a waiver from Microsoft in order to pass test case 1.1. In this case the “requiredExecutionLevel” tag must be set to “requireAdministrator” or “highestAvailable”.

  6. Dalla scorsa settimana, nel Developer Center di Windows Vista , è online la Vetrina dell’Innovazione

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