Boost WCF performance using adaptive encoding

Authors: Dario Airoldi, Paolo Zavatarelli Abstract Interesting documentation can be found comparing the many options available in WCF to encode web services data. Any encoding strategy may have advantages and disadvantages in different environments and runtime conditions. For example, binary encoding provides best performance on fast network connections, text encoding may be easier to debug…


Key reasons why use WPF on a Business Application

For some time, there has been discussion on whether WPF may be a good choice for writing Business Applications. Typical reasons against using it are that Business Applications do not require graphic capabilities, WPF is quite a new technology, it requires time to learn, and it may be slower than other technologies on obsolete hardware….


Micro Framework TripComputer Sample

Micro Framework introduces a new approach to embedded development. The following key points: Minimal hardware requirements Strong runtime support Easy and intuitive development model An extensible emulation environment Make it easy to address application development for simple devices used in consumer electronic and industrial automation. Additional resources about Micro Framework are: Microframework WhitePaper MSDN Webcast:…


WCF Samples

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) the new API set and runtime for message based communication. WCF replaces old web services as WCF Services support HTTP/Soap based communication. In particular, WCF now supports WS* standards for secure, reliable communication etc. Also, WCF services can be hosted by IIS Services, WAS or they can be self hosted into…


"Certified for Vista" Logo Samples

The following samples show the most common tasks you may need to perform on your application to get the “Certified for Vista Logo”. In particular, include: Manifestsample: shows how to apply a manifest to your .Net application resources with a postbuild rule. ManifestsampleVB6: shows how to apply a manifest to an existing application with…


Steps to prepare lab machines with Windows Vista AIK

The steps to create a lab installation are easy with Windows Vista AIK. With a clear idea of what you need to install on the machines and the requirements described below, a couple of days may be enough to have everything in place. Also, only a single image may be applied to different machines. The…


Steps to create a bootable Windows PE RAM CD/DVD

The following article shows how to create a bootable WinPE disk with Windows Vista Automated Installation Kit (WAIK). Requirements WAIK: Windows Vista Automated Installation Kit (get the download here). CDBurn/Dvdburn utility: this tool allows burning a DVD from a ISO Image (Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools). Technician PC: a pc with a CD/DVD ROM…


Steps to Create an Unattended Setup for Windows Vista

The following article shows how to create an automated setup per windows Vista using Windows Vista Automated Installation Kit (WAIK). Requirements Vista DVD: a DVD with Windows Vista. WAIK: Windows Vista Automated Installation Kit (get the download here). A USB Key: this is needed to contain the answers file for the installation (a key with…


Frequently asked questions on Windows Vista compatibility and Certification Logos

The following article proposes some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Windows Vista Compatibility and Vista Certification Logos. I gathered information below from compatibility and logo draft documents and from internet resources that are subject to change. Official and detailed information about Vista compatibility and Compatibility Logo Programs is available at and You…


Write your services leveraging existing thread pool technologies

here is an idea on how to write your services leveraging the power of existing thread pool technologies. Thread pooling is important for scalability. Pooling algorithms generally include complex logic for self tuning, queuing incoming requests, etc. These are some of the reasons why I’d rather not bother writing thread pooling code in my services…