MSN Prototypes Web-based RSS Reader and Other Interesting Stuff

A bunch of folks at work have been prototyping a server-side RSS reader at This isn't a final product but instead is intended to show people some of the ideas we at MSN are exploring around providing a rich experience around Web-based RSS/Atom aggregation.  

The Read/Write Web blog has a post entitled Microsoft's Web-based RSS Aggregator? which has a number of screenshots showing the functionality of the site. The site has been around for a few weeks and I'm pretty surprised it took this long to get widespread attention.

We definitely would love to get feedback from folks about the site. I'm personally interested in where people would like to see this sort of functionality integrated into the existing MSN family of sites and products, if at all.

PS: You may also want to check out to test drive a prototype of a Web-based bookmarks manager.

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  1. <p>SiliconBeat point to a sandbox version of a working web-based RSS Aggregator – from Microsoft!</p>

  2. I’ve seen the Microsoft RSS Reader, though I had to start IE to try it. But what is this? It looks like some sort client-side configurable home page with feeds and links to services. It also required a plug-in to…

  3. Fred says:

    Hello Mr. Obasanjo,

    I was searching who was working on this beautiful project. I see that you are? So there is a post I wrote today about it. I wrote a list of things I would like to see in such an interesting project:

    Good job!



  4. Nicole Simon says:

    Ah, thanks for the comment, did not see that before.

    Hm, first of all – where is the bookmarklet so I can easily subscribe?

    Then, how do I seperate the new ones from already read ones? Number of unread items?

    ‘Expand everything’ link is where?

    Export, import?

    possible folders? Or is this intend to be for someone with just 5 feeds?

    Which Agent is the spider using?

    Does he recognize robots.txt?

    [And: How does one send trackbacks to these blogs?]

  5. This is very cool. Please by all means put these two sites into production.

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