The Universal Inbox

Bloglines just published a new press release entitled Bloglines is First to Go Beyond the Blog with Unique-to-Me Info Updates which is excerpted below Oakland, CA — March 30, 2005 — Ask Jeeves®, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASKJ), today announced that Bloglines™ (, the world’s most popular free online service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds,…


SOA, AJAX and REST: The Software Industry Devolves into the Fashion Industry

Ever since the article Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications unleashed itself on the Web I’ve seen the cacophony of hype surrounding Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (aka AJAX reach thunderous levels. The introduction to the essay already should make one wary about the article, it begins Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in…


MSN Messenger Buddy List Limit Doubled

Last night, we put the finishing touches on an upgrade to the server-side of MSN Messenger. The maximum size of a buddy list has been increased from 150 to 300. Enjoy. 


Find Out More About MSN’s Web-based RSS Aggregator at

Steve Rider, one of the great folks behind, has started a category on his blog devoted to the site. His first post discusses some of the changes they’ve made to the site in the past week. He writes As soon as I finish this post I’ll be digging in my heels for the afternoon…


ETech 2005 Trip Report: Odeo — Podcasting for Everyone

These are my notes from the Odeo — Podcasting for Everyone session by Evan Williams. Evan Williams was the founder of Blogger and Odeo is his new venture. Just as in his post How Odeo Happened Evan likens podcasting to audioblogging and jokingly states that he and Noah Glass invented podcasting with AudioBlogger. Of course, the audience knew he…


ETech 2005 Trip Report: Introducing Google Code

This was a late breaking session that was announced shortly after The Long Tail: Conversation with Chris Anderson and Joe Kraus. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my tablet PC with me to the long tail session so I don’t have any notes from it. Anyway, back to Google Code. The Google Code session was hosted by Chris DiBona. The…


ETech 2005 Trip Report: Introduction to Yahoo! Search Web Services

These are my notes on Introduction to Yahoo! Search Web Services session by Jeremy D. Zawodny The Yahoo! Search web services are available on the Yahoo! Search Developer Network(YSDN) site. YSDN launched by providing web services that allow applications to interact with local, news, Web, image and video search. Web services for interacting with Y!Q contextual search…


ETech 2005 Trip Report: “Just” Use HTTP

These are my notes from the “Just” Use HTTP session by Sam Ruby The slides for this presentation are available. No summary can do proper justice to this presentation so I’d suggest viewing the slides. Sam’s talk focuses on the various gotchas facing developers building applications using REST or Plain old XML over HTTP (POX). The top…


ETech 2005 Trip Report: Building a New Web Service at Google

These are my notes on the Building a New Web Service at Google session by Nelson Minar Nelson Minar gave a talk about the issues he encountered while shipping the Adwords API. The slides for the talk are available online. I found this talk the most useful of the conference given that within the next year or so…