Social Software: Finding Beauty in Walled Gardens

Mike Vernal and I are supposed to be writing a Bill Gates Think Week paper about Social Software. However given how busy both our schedules are this may turn out to be easier said than done. For this reason I’ve decided that I’ll continue blogging my thoughts around this class of software that led me…


Google and Open Source

In Adam Bosworth’s post Where have all the good databases gone he asks the Open Source community to target some problems with relational databases that the Big 3 vendors have seemingly been unable to solve. Krzysztof Kowalczyk has an interesting response to Adam Bosworth’s post entitled Google – we take it all, give nothing back…


The Value of RSS

It seems there’s been some recent hubbub in the world of podcasting about how to attach multiple binary files to a single post in an RSS feed In a post entitled Multiple-enclosures on RSS items? Dave Winer weighs in on the issue. He writes This question comes up from time to time, and I’ve resisted answering it directly,…


A Solution to Problems with MSN Messenger Contact Cards and Deleted Spaces

Tom has a post entitled MSN Messenger contact card problem where he writes When MSN Spaces first became available, I signed up for a test space, not knowing what I would finally end up with.  I liked it and thought it was cool that from MSN Messenger 7 beta, you could navigate to my Space…


Yahoo’s Media RSS and Yet More Syndication Geeks Misunderstanding How XML Works

I saw a recent post from Dave Winer berating Yahoo! where he wrote Yahoo is the strangest most jealous and behind-the-scenes plotting and scheming of tech companies. When any of the other “giants” moves in RSS space I get plenty of advance notice so that I can help them promote it, maybe even make it…


MSN: The New Hotness

I recently started reading the Microsoft Monitor weblog written by Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research. His blog joins the likes those of Miguel De Icaza and Jon Udell who I can be assured will write a fairly insightful commentary on Microsoft technology announcements. The big difference is that Jon and Miguel occassionally write about Microsoft technologies…


Using FeedDemon Newspaper Styles in RSS Bandit

While taking a lunch break I decided to finish up implementing full support for FeedDemon newspapers in RSS Bandit. With my checkin a few minutes ago it is now possible to use the various custom newspaper styles for FeedDemon in RSS Bandit and vice versa. More importantly one can now view all items in a feed at once in…


Some Thoughts On the MSN Toolbar Suite Beta

It seems December is a good month for new releases from MSN. From Microsoft PressPass we learn Microsoft Introduces MSN Toolbar Suite Beta With Desktop Search , specifically Microsoft Corp. today introduced a beta version of its new MSN® Toolbar Suite…The free suite of MSN search tools, available now in the United States at, is…


Interested in XML Integration in Conventional Programming Languages?

Looking at the calendar I realized that I have two articles due this month, one for my Extreme XML column on MSDN and another that I promised a few months ago. I was reminded of this by the following excerpt from Ed Dumbill’s recent article On Folly where he wrote Champion cited two developments of…


XML Heavyweights Migrate to Redmond

Since I left the XML team at Microsoft they’ve gone on an impressive hiring spree. Two people who I’d have loved to work with who have joined up after I left are David Remy: former Director of Product Engineering at Bea Systems, he was responsible for security, web services, and XML for Bea’s Weblogic Workshop product line….