The Transition is Complete

Yesterday I literally stopped being the face of XML at Microsoft. From now on if you go to or you won't see my work blog or my picture welcoming you to the XML Developer Center at MSDN. It's a particularly bittersweet experience. I fought with MSDN for about a year and a half to get that site launched and for a while I felt that it was my baby. The new owner of the site, Irwin, is a great guy and I'm sure he'll do excellent things with it.

Speaking of transitions, I'm still trying to fit in at MSN. It's interesting going from being extremely knowledgeable about all the technologies I'm responsible for to returning blank stares when asked about some aspect of a spec I now own. Hopefully I'll have some downtime at next week's XML 2004 conference to bone up on the various specs about our backend infrastructure so I don't seem so clueless at the next feature costing meeting. 🙂

So far the new job's been awesome. Great people and the features I'm working on are killer. Best of all I not only get to deliver features for MSN Spaces but also Hotmail, MSN Messenger and even MyMSN. Of course, this means I attend lots and lots of cross-team meetings. Yay, fun...

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  1. Peter says:

    Sorry for the off topic.

    I see lots of really powerful stuff in MS.Internal.Xml, and surprisingly it is not defined with internal, so I can use it in my code. Is it intentionally or by the time Whidbey is release it will be closed down? Are there any plans on moving some stuff from MS.Internal.Xml to System.Xml?


  2. Paulstorm says:


    Appreciate the update. Best of luck going forward! Glad you are so excited about working for MSN and all the neat features you will be able to deliver. Some of the more obsessive MSN users among us are already using Spaces…despite the language barrier. = ]

    Countin’ down to the wave hits,


  3. They say Microsoft is about to unveil MSN Spaces blogging service, may be even this week: Microsoft’s MSN division is expected to take the wraps off its MSN Spaces blogging service this week, according to sources close to the company. MSN is expected to tout MSN Spaces as a direct…

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