Don Box’s WS-Why Talk and the WS Kernel

At Chris Sells’ XML DevCon conference Don Box gave a talk called WS-Why which is described below “Why? This talk will make sense of why various WS-* specs came to life and which ones every developer should ignore. Naturally, the size of this set is non-zero, however, it is not the entire universe. Hopefully, the…


New Beginnings

Friday was my last day on the XML team at Microsoft. On Monday I start work as a Program Manager on MSN Communication Services Platform team. This team is responsible for the server side implementation of several aspects of MSN including MSN Messenger, some of Hotmail and MSN Groups. My immediate responsibilities will involve working on the back end of…


SAX for .NET 1.0 and SAXExpat.NET 1.0 Released

Karl Waclaweck has released version 1.0 of the SAX for .NET project. In the announcement on XML-DEV Karl writes This is the first production release of the C#/.NET port of the SAX API.It should be compatible with MS.NET 1.1 and Mono 1.0.2. Since the API alone is not enough, a SAX parser implementation has beenreleased as…


Hindsight is 20/20: Three Things XML Got Wrong

Derek Denny-Brown, the dev lead for both MSXML & System.Xml, who’s been involved with XML before it even had a name has finally started a blog. Derek’s first XML-related post is Where XML goes astray… which points out three features of XML that turn out to have caused significant problems for users and implementers of XML technologies….


Upcoming Changes to System.Xml in .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2

We are in the process of locking down System.Xml for Beta 2 of the .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. In the past few months we have received customer feedback about our feature set previewed in the Whidbey Alpha & Whidbey Beta 1 and this has guided our decision making process as to where…


The XML Litmus Test: Understanding When and Why to Use XML

I just finished writing last month’s Extreme XML column* entitled The XML Litmus Test: Understanding When and Why to Use XML. The article is a more formal write up from my weblog post The XML Litmus Test expanded to contain examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses of XML as well as with some of the criteria for choosing…