Microsoft Responds to Sun’s Web Service Benchmarks

Taken from the an article on entitled Microsoft Responds to Sun’s Web Service Benchmarks

In a paper published last month, Sun claimed that Java based web services outperform .NET based web services both in throughput and response times. Microsoft has released a paper on TheServerSide.NET responding to those claims stating that Sun’s representation of the .NET performance was understated by 2 to 3 times and that in many, but not all cases, .NET exceeded the Java benchmarks.
Read the Microsoft response on TheServerSide.NET: Web Services Performance: Comparing J2EE and .NET

Read Sun's original paper: J2EE claimed to have better Web Services performance than .NET

It should be noted that Sun did not publish source code for their benchmark so Microsoft had to  re-create Sun's benchmark based on the details from the original paper. The Microsoft response has the full source code for both the .NET Web Service implementation, the Java Web Service implementation using Sun's JWSDP 1.4 along with the test program used to benchmark both services. I always believe the best way to verify a benchmark is to run it yourself. The performance of the .NET XML Web Service implementations should prove to be a lot better than what is implied by the original paper from Sun.

Comments (5)

  1. matth says:

    really who cares? Even if one is faster, no-one should make a decision based on performance.

    Which one will be cheaper to build (cheaper staff, faster development)…..

    These penis measuring contests are of no interest.

  2. rgabo says:

    I think, the more problem is with the attitude of Sun. They state something, never prove it [with source] and a fully documented benchmarking proves that’s its nowhere near the truth. I don’t like that mentality, although at some extent, I agree too that what it matters is not just the performance but all the things together.

  3. matth,

    I’m pretty sure the .NET framework, with command line compilers is still free…

  4. xml training says:

    C# Vs Java PL, .NET Vs J2EE, Apples Vs Oranges.

  5. Kathy Skora says:

    on my games if I change page on the same game it kick me off

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