Fear of Pink

I fear pink.

I didn't realize I fear pink until this morning.  As I was stepping into
the shower, I noticed I had a pink towel set aside for myself, and I shuddered.

I'm a pinkophobe.  I had no idea.

I saw my male neighbor, wearing a pink shirt, out in his yard a couple
weeks ago.  I noted, to myself, just how *wrong* that was.  I didn't
say anything to anyone though.  I knew my wife would regard such comments with

Now, I'm admitting my fear.  I not only don't like pink, I fear
it.  I'm afraid to wear pink.  I'm afraid to use pink. 

Don't get me wrong, I toweled off with my pink towel.  I'm not that far
gone, yet.  I wouldn't, by choice, select pink for just about anything, though
-- clothing, paint, decorations, etc.

I'll buy my daughters pink items and gladly allow them to wear pink. 
I'll not comment on my wife's use of pink.  Maybe I'm not a true, blue,
pinkophobe.  Is there a word for a half-phobe?  A semi-phobe?

I don't run in fear from pink, and I don't cower away from pink. 
I suppose I'm a pinkosemiphobe then. 

I will use a pink highlighter.  I just noticed I have on in my large
coffee cup on my desk.  On second thought, I think I'll go trade it in for a
blue or yellow highlighter.



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