Windows 95 History

Remember way, way, way back when Microsoft shipped Windows 95 ®?

Anyway, we had the control panel option where you'd see a map for the
timezone and clickity-click on the map in a timezone area, and that would highlight
the map along a border-line and select your timezone for you.

Wasn't that cool?  Heck yeah.  I thought so.  We changed it
though.  We still had the map, but you couldn't clickity-click on the map and
get a highlighted area.  Clicking did nothing for changing your timezone.

Wanna know why?

Well, there is a county, and I won't mention it's name, but said country is
in constant border disputes with another country.  Microsoft drew the border-line
"incorrectly" according to said country.

They threatened to never, ever, ever allow us to sell that software in their
country if we didn't "fix" the border-line.

We learned not to highlight timezones and border-lines any more.


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