Hey, I Got a Comment!

I got a real comment (not from Ivanna).

10/01/2003 8:57 AM

I see above that you've fixed this already, but IIRC John
Robbins' book "Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows" details
how to debug a service on startup. IIRC, it involves setting the ImageFileOptions
key in the registry.

Thanks Mike.  I actually set it up.  We know how to debug services
on startup.  I did too.  However, I had a problem with timing. 
The service auto-unloaded after a specific amount of time and my debug was
worthless.  I would've needed an extra step.

Plus, now I know how to log WebClient.  Well, really, the code only
supports "live debug output".  The logging part I uncommented and added
code to get to work.  Regardless, part of that experience was preparing for the
future.  I'll be way better prepared for the next WebClient issue I see.

I hope.

Thanks for the comment!


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