Fear of Pink

I fear pink. I didn’t realize I fear pink until this morning.  As I was stepping into the shower, I noticed I had a pink towel set aside for myself, and I shuddered. I’m a pinkophobe.  I had no idea. I saw my male neighbor, wearing a pink shirt, out in his yard a couple weeks ago.  I…


Messy Blogs

As you can see, I have little control over the current font I’m using in my BLOG. I think we have a newer version of the BLOG editing tool out now.  I’ll check it out.  


Windows 95 History

Remember way, way, way back when Microsoft shipped Windows 95 ®? Anyway, we had the control panel option where you’d see a map for the timezone and clickity-click on the map in a timezone area, and that would highlight the map along a border-line and select your timezone for you. Wasn’t that cool?  Heck yeah.  I thought…


Hey, I Got a Comment!

I got a real comment (not from Ivanna). 10/01/2003 8:57 AM I see above that you’ve fixed this already, but IIRC John Robbins’ book “Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows” details how to debug a service on startup. IIRC, it involves setting the ImageFileOptions key in the registry. Mike Dimmick Thanks Mike.  I…