The longevity of a console

I am very passionate about Blend, there’s no question there. But, I’m also a gamer… both board games and computer (PC/Console) games.I was having a conversation with a good friend yesterday, and the more I think about it, the more I just can’t accept his argument. Please keep in mind that these are *MY* opinions,…


Cre8 and ZAAZ

This is particularly overdue, but now that I’ve been featured on the Expression community site, I really need to get back to posting again :). Last month ago, I got the opportunity to present at the Cre8 summit in Orlando. I gave two presentations, one on Sketchflow in Expression Blend and one on Blend in general….



Well, I just had it pointed out to me, that my blog is now listed on I’m actually pretty excited to see myself up there. It does, however, make me realize that I should spend a little time sprucing up the look of my blog. The current theme is something like “Fire”, which I…


One of the worst parts of my job…

Is when I can’t talk about something! By now, most folks should be downloading the August preview of Expression Blend 2, which I’m super excited to see finally getting out. (If you didn’t already know… Get it HERE) But, one of the features that I’ve been testing personally is one I’m really excited about, but…


Game Engine

Ok, as Blend continues its march, my mind starts moving to things I might do with it. And, naturally, one of the thoughts I’ve been having, is to write a game in it. There are plenty of technical aspects I need to work out… but here’s what I’m thinking. It’s a “Turn Based RTS”. Yup……


I’m up on the web!

Ok, this isn’t anything too new for most folks, but the “Trailer” for the Total Training series on Expression Blend is on the net. Check it out at Yeah, that’s me. And yes, I’m quite proud of it. 🙂


Obligatory Introduction

Well, as everyone seems to do with their first posts, I figure I should say a bit about myself. I’m one of the SDETs on the Expression Interactive Designer project. The areas I focus on most are Databinding and Media, but we all tend to dabble in many of the different areas. I also like…