Moving objects around interactively

I was playing around with Blend today, and decided that I wanted to write a function to allow my user to drag the shapes around on my artboard. Granted, this could use a bit of polish, since there are some tweaks that would make it a bit better, but the overall sense should work. For…


Calligraphy In Ink! (Part 2)

Ok, see this is what happens when I have some time to ‘play’ with Blend. My previous post showed how to modify the stylus tip to get something akin to a calligraphy pen. But, the pen that I got most recently got is called a scroll point. The tip itself looks like a fairly broad…


Calligraphy in Ink!

Ok, this is something I think is kinda cool… one of my side hobbies is calligraphy. I’ve been doing it since I was in early high school, and there’s something graceful in the old style of writing. Well, as far as I knew, an InkCanvas only allows either a single rectangle or ellipse tip, which…


Command line arguments

Ok, this was really bugging me… I needed to figure out how to create a Window application, and parse in the command line arguments. I know how to do it with a Console application, but not a Window app. So, how do you do it? Well, it’s a little tricky, but it can be done….


Creating an alternate layout panel

Ok, this is neat. This is the first time I’ve worked with layout panels and actually creating one of my own. Here’s the code: class OverlapStackPanel : StackPanel {       protected override Size ArrangeOverride(Size arrangeSize)       {             UIElementCollection children = this.InternalChildren;             int childrenResolved = 0;             foreach (UIElement child in children)             {…


Using a Timer

Ok, most C# developers can probably do this in their sleep, but I needed to hook up a timer that would do something every N milliseconds. And every time, I have to decide if I need a System.Threads.Timer or a System.Timers.Timer and so on. So… This is using the System.Threads.Timer class, since Timers had a lot…


Databinding to CLR Objects

I’m sure everyone else runs into these issues all the time, but every time I have to do this, I end up pulling up MSDN and looking all of this up. It’s not too efficient, so I’m going to drop a few points here for reference. First: Binding a basic type (String, Int, etc…) For…


Updating an Image control

I had a coworker as me how to update an Image control in code. Specifically, he wanted to create a quick file browser that had a Next and Previous button to scroll through a preset list of Images. Creating the list and iterating through directories is pretty easy, so I’ll omit that (Although, if someone…


Saving and retrieving Ink

Well, we had another Application Bash for Expression Interactive Designer this week, and my application did something I hadn’t messed with before. I wanted to work with ink in Expression, and specifically, I wanted to be able to mark up a picture, and save that markup alongside the picture to view later. It was actually…


Integer to Roman Numeral Value Converter

Databinding uses Value Converters to bind a value in one component’s “Language” to another. For instance, there’s a converter that converts a boolean to a “Visibility” in WPF. So, True is mapped to Visible, False is mapped to Hidden, etc… By using it, we can virtually databind any two elements together however we like. I…