Cre8 and ZAAZ

This is particularly overdue, but now that I've been featured on the Expression community site, I really need to get back to posting again :).

Last month ago, I got the opportunity to present at the Cre8 summit in Orlando. I gave two presentations, one on Sketchflow in Expression Blend and one on Blend in general. I was also given the chance to give a keynote during lunch on the second day to show off Sketchflow.

I have to say, that this was one of the most nerve wracking things I've done, speaking to a community of Designers who are still only starting to look at Microsoft products seriously for Web Design. Every eye was on me, and I'm quite happy with how Blend behaved for me. I had plenty of folks compliment the speech, and they were shocked when they heard it was my first.

Blend is really starting to take a serious turn toward being a real competitor. I can feel that by the questions I get asked when I'm talking to folks. We're getting less of the "So, what is this all about?" questions, and more people asking about specifics like Silverlight penetration and the relative complexities between making a prototype in Sketchflow versus working in Visio or Powerpoint. It's building a lot more excitement, and that's just awesome to be a part of.

Recently, I also got a chance to go visit ZAAZ here in Seattle. These are folks who do both Silverlight and Flash development, but they're looking at Sketchflow for doing prototypes in either environment. The most priceless moment was when I was showing off Behaviors in Sketchflow, and one of the designers looked up and said "That f***ing rocks!" It's one thing to work six years on a product, and know in your heart how great it is, and how much it's going to change the landscape, but to have someone looking at it for the first time put it into words... it's a real thrill.

We're doing more internal training classes. More folks are getting interested, and the momentum is really building. I can't wait to unleash this one.

And yes, I'm going to get back on the technical tricks very soon. I've been getting some good questions on DrawingBrush, and there's some functionality that isn't as discoverable as I'd like.

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