Well, I just had it pointed out to me, that my blog is now listed on http://expression.microsoft.com. I'm actually pretty excited to see myself up there. It does, however, make me realize that I should spend a little time sprucing up the look of my blog.

The current theme is something like "Fire", which I chose because of my love for the elements. You can figure it out... a thought of 'hot software' and the like. But, I'm not saying that Blend isn't 'hot' any more... just that I need to figure out a new 'feel' for my blog.

So, if it seems to change a couple times in the near future, it's just me getting a feel for new looks and such. I will continue to post new thoughts and ideas as I go along. Now that the big thing I was working on (which, naturally, I can't say anything about yet), I should have some more time to play and find new things out. I've been experimenting with font embedding and custom characters, and that should be a pretty cool post coming soon!

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