The next page!

Well, the link isn’t QUITE active yet, but if you go to you will see the Overview information for Blend 3, and there’s a link to download the Blend 3 RC. Now, at *THIS* particular moment, it doesn’t seem like it’s up there, but the link on that page should go live very shortly. I’ve…


The longevity of a console

I am very passionate about Blend, there’s no question there. But, I’m also a gamer… both board games and computer (PC/Console) games.I was having a conversation with a good friend yesterday, and the more I think about it, the more I just can’t accept his argument. Please keep in mind that these are *MY* opinions,…


Working with Drawing Brushes

Ok folks, I’ve got a few minutes, and I’ve been seeing some discussion on our internal lists about Drawing Brushes, how to use them, what they’re good for, etc… Sounds like a good time for a Blog post. First off, what is a DrawingBrush? It’s one of the three kinds of TileBrushes that WPF recognizes…


Cre8 and ZAAZ

This is particularly overdue, but now that I’ve been featured on the Expression community site, I really need to get back to posting again :). Last month ago, I got the opportunity to present at the Cre8 summit in Orlando. I gave two presentations, one on Sketchflow in Expression Blend and one on Blend in general….


A Silverlight TextBlock with Tracking? Surely you jest!

Well, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… although I’m going to be paying a LOT more attention to this moving forward. I’m hoping though that my first post back will be worth it. We’ve been talking a lot to designers about what they want, and one thing I keep hearing is a…



Well, I just had it pointed out to me, that my blog is now listed on I’m actually pretty excited to see myself up there. It does, however, make me realize that I should spend a little time sprucing up the look of my blog. The current theme is something like “Fire”, which I…


Moving objects around interactively

I was playing around with Blend today, and decided that I wanted to write a function to allow my user to drag the shapes around on my artboard. Granted, this could use a bit of polish, since there are some tweaks that would make it a bit better, but the overall sense should work. For…


MIX ’08

Well, it’s official, I’m going to be presenting at the MIX convention! I’m really excited for this, although it’s going to be busy for a little while. We need to do dry runs and such. The tentative title is “Unlocking the Creative Genome”, but that title may change. I don’t know how many folks who…


Getting the ‘Vista’ minimize with Windowless applications

Here’s the problem. Launch Blend, and create a window that has AllowsTransparency set to true (which sets the WindowStyle to None). Looks good, yes? Now, add a button, and in the Click handler, set the WindowState property to Minimized. Run the application on Vista, and click your minimize button. You’ll notice that the window just…


Transparent Windows and how to Resize them

A teammate came to talk to me, because he’s working with a semi-transparent window, with no Border, and he wants to be able to resize it. Allowing a user to move, minimize, maximize and close it are easy, but how to resize? Well, this is actually pretty easy. There is a property on the Window…