Where are the Security Configuration Tools in .NET Fx 2.0?

When I recently installed only the v2.0 .NET redist package, I noticed that the .NET Configuration MMC was MIA and the only tool available was Caspol.  Therefore, after some research I noticed with .NET Fx 2.0 many of the Security tools were moved to the .NET Development SDK v2.0 package.

Therefore, the only tool in .NET v2.0 redist is Caspol and in the SDK you will find the rest of the tools:

  • NET Configuration Snapin

  • CertMgr
  • MakeCert
  • PermCalc
  • PEVerify
  • SN
  • SecUtil
  • SignTool

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  1. This decision has got to be one of the more idiotic ones that Microsoft made with regards to .net 2.0.  

    From an enterprise server standpoint, we have two decisions:  Install the entire SDK on all our servers (!) or create our own installation package of the subset of tools that are typically needed beyond those installed in the redistribution package.

    Wouldn’t it have made a little sense to create a .Net Tools package separate from the SDK?  (or at least split up the SDK install to allow Tools OR Debugger, not always both…)

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