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Use Ranges/Bands for measuring Frequencies and visualizing Empirical Distributions

Scenario The majority of BI-related activities require measuring something on your business process. These measures usually relate to one of: Inputs to a business process (usually leading indicators, i.e. number of incidents occurring; volume of calls happening; duration of calls; number of transactions). How the process performs (i.e. number of tickets per analyst; time to… Read more

Grouping in Ranges/Bands

Scenario In my previous post “Ranges as Filters for Dates” I covered a way to group on ranges of months that we could use in selections. In this post I’ll share a way to simplify the measures using DAX’s SWITCH function, and also apply it to other cases. HowTo In the previous post we used… Read more

Parameters for What-If Scenarios in Power BI

Scenario If we increase the current forecast by 5%, what would have happened with the variance to forecast? If we had reduced by 3% instead, then what? How can we provide an input parameter to calculate variables and see the impact of that change in the charts and trends? Let’s start from a simple report… Read more

Dynamic TopN & Ranking in Power BI

Scenario Let’s assume we have data about projects, and we want to rank the projects by budget, so that if we filter the data by some criteria (i.e. region, country, or some other classification) the ranking recalculates for the new scope. We also want some metrics calculated for the TopN projects, i.e. total budget for… Read more