MSDN Azure Benefits for Development and Testing

Hi, Below is a good video that cover the basic of Azure (Microsoft cloud service), the associated MSDN benefits (process to sign up) and highlight core dev/test scenarios (including demo) – Kudos to Microsoft DPE Canada – cheers, J.    

Visual Studio 2010 demos for testing tools

Coming from Anutthara’s blog (videos are shared on a skydrive, so you will need a Windows Live ID) Here are an example of the videos you will found to illustrate the new set of features available for testers as part of VS2010. 1. Perspective: Visual Studio Test Elements 2010 and Visual Studio Team Lab Management…


Visual Studio 2010 Test and Lab Management ressources

A good source of information on Visual Studio 2010 Test and Lab Management is the respective team blogs at VSTS Quality tools blog and Lab Management team blog. J.

Why building software solution during this (soon over) Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is a key priority?

Any enterprise, during a downturn or a slowdown, will focus on 2 priorities ·         Growing the share ·         Reducing the operational cost Why growing the share?          If you can’t increase your revenue with your customers as they are asking you to cost less, then you need to take on your competitor in order to maintain…

2009 Standish Chaos Report – We are successful in repeating our failures :)

New Standish Chaos report … same results . The report shows a backwards trend in software success: 32%   Successful (On Time, On Budget, Fully Functional) 44%   Challenged (Late, Over Budget, And/Or Less than Promised Functionality) 24%   Failed (Canceled or never used) So, at the end of the day, we (as an industry) are still failing…


TCO : Visual Studio Team System or Open source ?

/ Disclaimer:  remove the emotion while reading this post and be as cold in the analysis as an excel spreadsheet can be // Disclaimer #2: TCO include more than just the cost of the solution. Keep in mind that 80 to 85% of a devteam cost is based on people (salary plus full cost for…


do you know NDEPEND ?

NDepend is a tool that simplifies managing a complex .NET code base. Architects and developers can analyze code structure, specify design rules, plan massive refactoring, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code. The result is better communication, improved quality, easier maintenance and faster development. NDepend is a static…


Data3 invits you for a "software quality" breakfast

Click here to register to attend the Data#3 and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System seminars this month. Do you or your team develop and manipulate software to support your business?  Whether you are a team of 5 or a team of 50, your software development efforts are more than likely hampered by the same issues……


Measuring ROI – Moving from Cost Centre To Strategic Partner

I recommand to read the blog post from Josh holmes about the importance of measuring ROI in our IT activities few extracts : “But, if you’re not measuring the ROI, how can you talk to the business about the possible ROI?” The cheapest feature is the one that you don’t build in the first place…