Visual Studio 2010 turn into WPF

Visual Studio 2010 will use WPF so we can expect some advanced interfaces .... cool 🙂
the following screenshot is an example of new support in the editor for outlining:

  • Triangle glyphs in the margin are used to collapse or expand your code blocks

  • Collapsed sections of code are marked with an empty triangle (pointing straight) as well as a set of ellipses

  • Colors on the margin indicate edits that have been made

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  1. zielu1 says:

    Hmm… I think old outline marks was more intuitive and easier to click.

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    I’m quite excited at the extensibility possibilities now that the editor is WPF based, and I can’t wait to try out the next build of VS2010.

    Will it be long until the next release by the way?  People are having so many problems with the current VM expiring.

    I do also have to mention, I’m really irritated by those triangle glyphs.  They are a really BAD idea.  Please restore the +/- glyphs which made much more sense, look better, and are less distracting.  Just because Vista jumped off the cliff of insanity doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for Visual Studio to follow after it!

    See Jason Zander’s blog for over 30 comments (last time I counted) on the negativity toward the triangle glyphs:

  3. superrcat says:

    So…it was migrated to WPF…why?

  4. if Visual Studio can use .NET and WPF (on the IDE side), this will extend the usage and give better productivity. By using WPF, Visual Studio will support advanced interfaces and propose new features.

    I’m still waiting for a Visual Studio built on .NET but I can understand that moving millions lines of code can take some times ….

    so the why WPF is productivity.

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