David Chappell – The Microsoft Application Platform

What is an application platform? Why is it important? And how should we think about application platforms in a world of cloud computing? In this session, David Chappell looks at all of these topics, providing a general model for both on-premises and cloud platforms. He then uses this model to examine several important issues in…


Visual Studio 2010 – differences between .NET (managed) and C++ (unmanaged)

Thx to Chris Birmele, here is a view of the main capabilities in Visual Studio 2010. All of them are supported for .NET development and only the ones with Yes are for unamanaged (C++). Product Features (VS 2010 Ultimate) Team Foundation Server   Version Control Yes Work Item Tracking Yes Build Automation Yes Team Portal…


Visual Studio 2010 – Microsoft Acquires Teamprise and provide support for Eclipse IDE, Unix / Linux / Mac OS X platforms

On November 9, 2009 Microsoft announced the acquisition of most of the technology assets of Teamprise, a division of SourceGear LLC, a provider of client applications for accessing Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Foundation Server from the Eclipse IDE and from other operating systems, including Unix, Linux and Mac OS X. With this announcement Microsoft is…


Visual Studio 2010 Test and Lab Management ressources

A good source of information on Visual Studio 2010 Test and Lab Management is the respective team blogs at VSTS Quality tools blog and Lab Management team blog. J.


“Visual Studio 2010 – the ultimate offer” roadshow – invitation

The next wave of the latest Microsoft technologies is about to land on our shores, providing new and exciting ways to develop custom applications.  Visual Studio 2010 is the upcoming release of Microsoft’s market leading integrated Development Tool Platform – specifically designed to leverage these new capabilities. Come to this presentation to learn how Visual…


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – 4 major announcements today (what you need to know)

Here we go; we have 4 key announcements today to the developer community   Information #1: Visual Studio 2010 (and .NET Framework 4) will be officially launched  on March 22nd, 2010. Microsoft has also simplified the product lineup, customers will be able to choose from three main versions of Visual Studio 2010: •        Microsoft Visual…


Microsoft Courier: not a new tablet … a Booklet :)

What a good suprise with this Microsoft Courier (still not officially confirmed) I’m happy to see Microsoft moving forward on the Tablet concept with not only a technological platform but an end-user solution with the final experience “built right” (that means Microsoft don’t rely 100% on partners to move the solution to the final stage…


Why building software solution during this (soon over) Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is a key priority?

Any enterprise, during a downturn or a slowdown, will focus on 2 priorities ·         Growing the share ·         Reducing the operational cost Why growing the share?          If you can’t increase your revenue with your customers as they are asking you to cost less, then you need to take on your competitor in order to maintain…


Visual Studio 2010 – Oracle database development support

In Visual Studio Team System 2010, Microsoft made this area of the product extensible in order to support 3rd party databases. Quest Software is hard at work on a database schema provider to support Oracle database development from within Visual Studio Team System 2010. In this 10-4 episode Brian Keller sat down with Daniel Norwood of Quest…