Team System ROI – how do I get that ?

Calculate a ROI (or just a TCO if you are looking at TFS only) for Team System is not that simple.
Each ROI is different looking at your current situation and maturity and the outcome you are planning to acheive.

Whilst you need time to estimate the impact of both a methodology and process change and the usage of tools like Team System, you can have a look at the following elements to better understand where to gain:


What are the dimensions to integrate in the benefits calculation?
Ex for a team of 50 developers

If you save only 5% of the developers's time, that represent around 500 000$ for a team of 50 developers! Huge
If you save 1/3 of the time of an administrator, you save 60 000$.


What are the dimensions to integrate for the cost calculation?
               Ex for a team of 50 developers

o   Software

o   TFS and access:  22 000 AU$ per year (for 50 developers)

o   Or TFS + Team Suite:  300 000 AU$ per year (for 50 developers)

o   Training

o   1 day for the developer

o   2 days for the project managers

o   2 days for the administrators

o   = 18 000 AU$

o   Consulting

o   Installation, customization...

o   Around 7 days = 14 000 AU$



To finish with I would like to show you this table (coming from a McKinsey analysis), wich can help you understanding the time you spend per activity in a project and where to optimize.
     column 2 “ % of the project” represent the time you spend in the activity
            100% is the total time and you spend around 5% in defining prioritization
     column  3 “% of the task creating low value% is the % of the time you spend on each activity that you could save by automating and/or redefining the process
            50% of the time spent in prioritization is to gather information and send back the priorities. The only 50% that matter are when you think about priorities and define or change the current ones.

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  1. Shai Raiten on My Developer Academy 3 Presentation – Web Sites Testing with Visual Studio Team System…

  2. Ian Ceicys says:

    Interesting to see this. I’ve been playing around with these numbers…and I’d love to get more detailed information.

    I have several customers that have been looking for this kind of info.

    Where can I see your presentation? Thanks!

  3. Ianceicys says:

    Would love to get some more information on this subject, any more content coming?

  4. Hi,

    TCO and ROI are so differents from one company to another, that I don’t have anything else to share. The rest is under NDA as I spent some times with French and Aussies companies working on Team System ROI scenarios.



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