Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 : 10 – 4

10-4 is a weekly video podcast which gives you a look at what’s coming in Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0. Over and out! You can be the first to get these episodes by visiting and subscribing to the RSS feed of your choice, depending on the media format you’re interested in …


Team System ROI – how do I get that ?

Calculate a ROI (or just a TCO if you are looking at TFS only) for Team System is not that simple.Each ROI is different looking at your current situation and maturity and the outcome you are planning to acheive. Whilst you need time to estimate the impact of both a methodology and process change and…


[Promotion is coming] 30% rebate on Team System

new promos are coming to help you jump on and benefit from Team System or MSDN. If you have Visual Studio with MSDN, you should be eligible to step up (transform) your product into a Team System role (or Team Suite) and getting a 30% rebate 🙂On top of that, Team Developer and Team Database…


[PDC] all the videos from the PDC

The ultimate PDC agenda : the tags you are interested in; the video content is shown at the bottom right of the calendar page.


[PDC] Microsoft Second light

Second light is a multipoint touch can display on a surface or through a surface 🙂 The Software side of the S+S is not dead at all and we have a lot of potential coming on the device/software platform.Watch this out :  


[PDC Video] Windows 7 and Office Live

Live Office demo : Office 14 is on his way but the cloud part too 🙂 Windows 7 demo : everything in the cloud is not convenient, Windows is not a commodity but a plateform to build you next generation of softwares (Windows client) or services (Windows Azure).                                    ex : the phone is always with you, quick…


[PDC Video] back to the client (Software side of the S+S)

Day 2 Keynote: take advantage of the both sides of the Softwares plus Services vision, not everything is in the cloud, use the power of the software you can have on the device. Combine the best of the two worlds2h30 min keynotes …. windows 7, live service, office 14 and live office