Flash to Sliverlight (WPF) converter

Convert Flash SWF files to Microsoft WPF and Silverlight based XAML.
in summer, the Electric Rain company will provide such a translator .....

more info on : http://www.erain.com/Products/harmony/

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    Seen the fineprint?:


    * With Harmony v1.0, there may be limited support for animations that rely on ActionScript to run, and there may be support for button interaction such as rollover state. There will not be support for any interactivity contained within the original SWF file that relies on ActionScript to execute any behaviors, such as jumping to frames, loading movie clips, etc. As such, Harmony v1.0 will be most effectively used in converting simple SWF files that contain graphics and frame-based animations to the XAML format.


    I am no Flash developer, but it seems that this excludes most of the Flash files available?!?

  2. Yes, but we are at the first step.

    Flash was the only valuable solution before Sliverlight. Now, with the version 1 of Silverlight, Microsoft can compete and the community (commercial or open source) is creating on his own such a translator.

    The problem of Flash is

    1) the graphical experience comparing to WPF

    2) the link with the application side code.

    so doing a “pure” translation from flash to WPF is not the best idea as the flash application was created in an insulated world.

    the recommanded way is to convert the “graphical only” flash files and start with WPF for the interactive ones

  3. Jeremy Fain says:

    Wow, welcome to this weapon of Flash destruction. I can’t wait to give it a go. Many thanks for the heads up Jihad.

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