Availability of Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professional

The launch of the Visual Studio Team Database Sku is coming. At the end of this month the English version should be final. If you are a MSDN Subscriber will be able to download it in December (on the private download web site).
For the rest of the market, you will have to wait for January.
The French edition will be released on the 20th of January (immediately available for the MSDN subscribers and in late feb/early march for everybody)

 What you'll found in the Team Database Sku :
- you can manage the changes in the database schema (script automatically generated)
- Unit Test in the SQL engine (and not only on the .NET code)
- Test scenarios mapping the reality
- the DBA is now part of the team. You will therefore improve the collaboration between him and the developers (the DBA can be one of the developer in charge of the creation and management of the database)

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