New Blender Exporter Features: Double Sided & Solid (Flat) Shading

[UPDATE: The Xaml Exporter now is hosted on CodePlex (here)] 

I checked in an updated Blender exporter to 3D Tools for Windows Presentation Foundation which adds support for double sided materials and flat shaded geometry.  I have not yet package a new release, so for the moment you’ll need to grab from source control.

These features are accessible via the circled buttons on the material and mesh panels during editing.  Thanks to SEISENBERG for reporting this in the message board.

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  1. bennage says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I cannot get your new version of XAML exporter from source control – the last checked in version seems to be from

    6/12/2006 8:52:51 PM

    I am particulary interested in the way you did flat shading. I have quite a lot of problems with thet in my Reader3ds.



  3. danlehen says:

    Hi Andrej –

    The file currently in source control is the correct one.  I checked in the fix back on the 11th and then tested the code for a while before announcing it.

    I expect the catch was in computing the face normal?  Blender’s OM happens to expose the face normal as well as the vertex normals.  If you need to do the computation yourself, you subtract p1 – p2 and p1 – p3 to get 2 edges of the triangle and then cross these vectors to get a perpendicular vector:

      (p1 – p2) x (p1 – p3)

    Use this as the normal for all three vertices.  A side effect of this is that a vertex that was previously shared between triangles will become separate vertices which are identical except for thier normals.


    – Daniel

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