New Blender Exporter Features: Double Sided & Solid (Flat) Shading

[UPDATE: The Xaml Exporter now is hosted on CodePlex (here)]  I checked in an updated Blender exporter to 3D Tools for Windows Presentation Foundation which adds support for double sided materials and flat shaded geometry.  I have not yet package a new release, so for the moment you’ll need to grab from source control. These features are accessible via…


Looking for ScreenSpaceLines3D? — 3D Tools v0.4 released

I have posted a new release of the 3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation targeting the Beta 2 release of the WinFX runtime.  The big addition in this release is a community owned implementation of the ScreenSpaceLines3D class.  ScreenSpaceLines3D is a 3D line primitive whose thickness is constant in 2D space post projection.*  This means that the…


Sphere, Cone, and Cylinder Sample Updated

Minor update: The “Extending Visual3D – Sphere, Cone, and Cylinder” sample has been updated to the December and January CTP (either will work).  Thanks to Barry Briggs for doing this and sending me the updated source.


Xaml Export Script for Blender

[UPDATE: The Xaml Exporter now is hosted on CodePlex (here)]  The 3D features in the Windows Presentation Foundation make it easier than ever to integrate 3D content into your applications.  However, unless you are satisfied with basic solid geometry you are going to need more than just the WPF.  You’re going to need 3D authoring tools to…


Why did we change LookAtPoint to LookDirection?

Ernie posted about the differences between the old LookAtPoint property and the new LookDirection property on ProjectionCamera (via KarstenJ.)  The quick summary is that LookAtPoint caused the camera to look at a fixed point in space (Figure 1a).  The new LookDirection property causes the camera to look in a fixed direction (Figure 1b).   Figure…