Longhorn on Virtual PC

I was asked if Longhorn runs on Virtual PC.  I haven't tried build 4074 first hand, but according to Stephen McGibbons it is “a breeze” to setup, performance is acceptable, and he even shows it running 3D in his screenshot.

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  1. supermario@nospamm.carnival.com says:

    I heard it takes hours to install on VPC. Maybe build 4074 is more compatible with VPC.

  2. Ben says:

    It installs okay.

    It can take a long time … you may want to check you VPC settings. There is an option to run the VPC session at a lower priority if it is in the background. You may want to change this to run at full speed all the time or to leave the session in the foreground during the install. Anyway YMMV 🙂

  3. Stephen McGibbon says:

    Hi, I found it installed fairly quickly (< 1hr) but it started in 4bit colour mode 640×480 resolution which was u horrible.

    As soon as it boots you need to select the VM Additions image and wait for it to autorun. This sorts out the screen resolution and colour quality. Wifi works fine for me as does the mouse.



  4. M. Rajesh says:


    How do u enable 3D look in Longhorn 4074 when running in VPC. Can u explain.

  5. Todd Spatafore says:

    I don’t suppose you (Microsoft) would consider having a preinstalled VPC image as one of the download options for when the beta comes around?

  6. danlehen says:

    Todd – I think there might be some challenges around distributing a preinstalled VHD that the entire world could use that might prevent this from being the no-brainer it at first appears to be, but it sure would be nice. I passed your feedback on. Thx.

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