Avalon 3D is now official…

We hinted at the PDC that the new Windows Client Platform (codenamed Avalon) was going to include support for 3D that would blur the line between the 2D and 3D worlds.  If you have been browsing the Longhorn SDK on MSDN you may have noticed from the documentation refresh that the first bits of 3D support in Avalon made their way into the Longhorn build we distributed at WinHEC.

JBeda posted a screenshot of a sample Avalon application which illustrates the effortless interleaving of 2D and 3D content that Avalon 3D makes possible.

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  1. Joe Beda says:

    Welcome to the blogging club, Dan!

  2. Adam Kinney says:

    Awesome, happy to see you blogging 🙂

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