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Leading the Way in Software + Services: Microsoft HealthVault

In my last blog, I discussed my perspective of what "Software + Services" means – to sum it up: coarsely grained business services that are interacted with via client applications (in some cases, multiple types of client applications).  Gee… I should’ve kept it that brief on the first blog. The best way to demonstrate S+S,…


So what is this S+S thing?

I’ve been having a lot of discussions on Software + Services lately, both inside and outside of Microsoft (nothing lights up a dinner party like some witty tech banter, I always say).  Invariably, I find that merely agreeing on the definition of S+S is somewhat of a challenge… so I’m compelled to try to force…


Why Web 2.0 is important, whether you like it or not (aka. why blogging is difficult for us old farts, and how it relates to S+S)

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve fallen out of the mainstream – at least in the area of social computing and Internet use.  I look around at all of the technology implementations that are serious parts of the everyday lives of a large portion of the population, and I find myself saying: “I…