How and why to rate apps in Windows 8

I'm willing to bet that the average user doesn't think much about rating an app.  I know that I usually don't... unless I have an exceptionally good experience - then I might consider it... or if I have an exceptionally BAD experience - then I almost always consider it.  I don't think I'm too far our of the norm with that.

The problem is, Ratings are supposed to help other people find the good apps... and if we're culturally predisposed to provide feedback only when it's bad, the ratings system becomes less valuable.  Valid feedback, both good and bad, is what keeps the marketplaces pure for the consumer, and we all benefit from that... but it comes with a price of participation.  That is, it's incumbent on those of us who look at ratings to make decisions about apps to also submit ratings for the apps we use.  Participation is what makes it work for everyone.

Net net: do the developers, other consumers, and yourself a favor and always go out of your way to rate the apps you use. 

Of course... there are those who argue that HOW to rate apps isn't immediately evident in Windows 8 or on Windows Phone. The process can be a bit obscure - but it's important to know (I'll explain below).  Sometimes developers put requests in their apps to help foster ratings submissions... and this is generally a good thing, but I know that some folks find it annoying after a while (but I urge people to be considerate... writing good apps is takes a lot of effort).

To rate a Windows 8 app:

  • Start the app in full screen mode
  • Swipe in from the right on a touch device (or hover the mouse in the upper right corner if you're using a mouse) to bring up the charms
  • Select Settings
  • Select Rate and Review
  • Enter your rating (and optionally, your review)

To rate a Windows Phone app:

  • Go to the app list on the main screen
  • Find the app you want to rate
  • Tap and hold to bring up the action menu
  • Tap "Rate and review"
  • Enter your rating (and optionally, your review)


Simple as that - takes only a few seconds and provides valuable feedback to the developer and makes the marketplace more valuable for everyone.  Sure, it's not solving world hunger or anything... but it may just help a developer put food on the table for her/his family... and that's always a good thing.


ps.  On Windows 8, if you get an error stating “Sign in with the account you used to install the app” do this:

  • Close the app.
  • Close the Windows Store app.
  • Go to the desktop, get a command prompt and type “wsreset –s”
  • The store app will come up.  Close it.
  • Run the app you want to rate.  With it running in the foreground, get the settings charm up, tap it, choose “Rate and Review”

pss. While you're at it... feel free to check out the apps I highlighted in my previous post 🙂

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