Government Data and the "Mom Test" – GCN article featuring yours truly

I spoke on a panel at the Open Government Innovations Conference last week - great event with some really insightful speakers.  I particularly enjoyed Dave McClure's lunchtime keynote and Chris Kemp's discussion on open source in open government.  All very down to earth, practical discussions... it was really refreshing.  My discussion was moderated by Wyatt Kash, Editor of GCN, and my co-panelist was Steve Drucker, from Fig Leaf Software... and fortunately we shared a lot of the same observations and beliefs (although it may have been more intersting for the audience to see two panelists go at each other in violent disagreement 🙂 ).

Got a nice writeup by Sean Gallagher in GCN, too: 

In complete disclosure, the "mom test" idea came from Steve... but I think it's great way to clarify our overall goal, which is: How can we make government data more useful, impactful, and beneficial to the average citizen?

Again - great event with some great discussions... thanks to everyone who pulled it together.




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