Podcast Interview: Kids, Social Computing, and Education

I just completed an interview with Ross Kasun, Asst. Superintendent of Summit Schools (and incidental brother), on the topic of social computing and the effect on children and learning.  I was the interviewee… was lots of fun (most fun was trying to get Ross to pronounce my title “technical evangelist” correctly…). Runs about 10 minutes……


S+S is an elephant

How’s that for a provocative subject line? Actually… it’s not.  But, sometimes something that really is simple gets overcomplicated… particularly when viewed from multiple perspectives.  Personally, I see that happening with the concept of Software + Services… and I’d like to put a stop to that.  Right now. We (Microsoft) finally have a good definition…


Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Developer and Solution Conference – something for everyone

April 22-24, Atlantic City, NJ (Sheraton Atlantic City) Register today at: http://www.hlsdevcon.com And book your room (time is running out for the reduced rate!) here: http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/microsoft08 Space is VERY limited…  if you’re in the HLS industry, you really, really don’t want to miss this. -Dan


HLS DevCon… what will the Surface solution demo be?

There are a lot of fantastic uses for Microsoft Surface in the Healthcare industry… some more interesting than others… we’ll be discussing and showing some of these at the HLS DevCon on April 22-24 in Atlantic City.  It’s FREE – and the content is going to be absolutely amazing.  If you’re a developer, architect, or…