Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

Had some requests for my PPT on Web 2.0 in the Enterprise (in this case, specifically the HLS Enterprise presentation that I did at the HLS DevCon last year with Ben Flock).  Attached to this post… -Dan Web2.0InHLS.pptx

A Vision of Students Today

This video was sent to me by Dave Isbitski (http://blogs.msdn.com/davedev) a while ago, and I think it does a good job of demonstrating how students (and other 1985-ers) are speaking a different language than the rest of us.   For more context, read my first blog here. If we intend to reach them (either as educators…


Consolidated YootTopia

You can download the cartoons directly from here.   HTPCFinal-800.jpg

Leading the Way in Software + Services: Microsoft HealthVault

In my last blog, I discussed my perspective of what "Software + Services" means – to sum it up: coarsely grained business services that are interacted with via client applications (in some cases, multiple types of client applications).  Gee… I should’ve kept it that brief on the first blog. The best way to demonstrate S+S,…


So what is this S+S thing?

I’ve been having a lot of discussions on Software + Services lately, both inside and outside of Microsoft (nothing lights up a dinner party like some witty tech banter, I always say).  Invariably, I find that merely agreeing on the definition of S+S is somewhat of a challenge… so I’m compelled to try to force…


Why Web 2.0 is important, whether you like it or not (aka. why blogging is difficult for us old farts, and how it relates to S+S)

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve fallen out of the mainstream – at least in the area of social computing and Internet use.  I look around at all of the technology implementations that are serious parts of the everyday lives of a large portion of the population, and I find myself saying: “I…