How to get the high-trust/PHA issuer ID from central admin

Sometimes you need to get the IssuerID from CA AFTER it was configured and the admin’s lose the ID. 1)      Run Get-SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer     2)      Make sure you are looking at the correct name (red arrow) 3)      The IssuerID is the first part of the name (before the @ symbol)  

SharePoint High Trust Add-In Provider Hosted Quick Start/Walkthrough

So you want to setup a Provider Hosted SharePoint Add-In quickly?! Follow these 7 steps! Step 1: Go to the IIS where your SharePoint is running, open IIS and open Server Certificates.   Step 2: On the upper right, select “Create Self-Signed Certificate”   Step 3: Enter “PHACert” as the friendly name, “Personal” is fine…

POST to WebAPI from a SharePoint Workflow

There seems to be a good amount of information on consuming RESTful services in SharePoint workflow, but there are limited articles on POST. In this article I will show you how to POST a complex object to WebAPI. I say “complex” but it is really just a data class, WebAPI only wants one parameter on…