How to get the high-trust/PHA issuer ID from central admin

Sometimes you need to get the IssuerID from CA AFTER it was configured and the admin’s lose the ID. 1)      Run Get-SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer     2)      Make sure you are looking at the correct name (red arrow) 3)      The IssuerID is the first part of the name (before the @ symbol)  

Emic 2 Text-to-Speech with Windows 10 IoT

What’s a robot that cannot talk?! Actually text-to-speech is very useful for almost any project. The Parallax Emic 2 is a great device that can give your project speech! This post is based on the 10.0.10586 IoT build, please make sure you are on that build or greater. The Pi has a few serial ports,…