SharePoint and RSS

John Durant, who has an excellent and widely read blog, posted about SharePoint and RSS today after a friend asked him if he knew of any web parts. I did a post back here about SharePoint and RSS, but suspect it’s out of date  (hmmm…this is where Wiki’s work right?), so below is my update. Apologies,…


Maurice wants a Pint2Share!

If your in the Los Angeles or Fullerton areas then drop Maurice a line.


Pint2Share: Stavanger, Norway.

I will be in Stavanger, Norway on Tuesday 10th May, keen to grab a beer, let me know if anyone out there is interested.


I live in London

Just a short post. It looks like I may not have been as clear as I should have been in my last post, as I have recieved a couple of emails about catching up in Zurich, however I was actually only visiting there for a couple of days. My new role does not involve a move,…


Pint2Share – Belfast

Well back from Zurich, unfortunately not able to catch up with anyone, maybe next time! (I did notice in my referrer logs lots of hits from .ch, I guess you are just too shy!) With that said, I did however get a number of invitations from other places, and I look forward to catching up…


Steve Peschka IN THE HOUSE!

Earlier this week Maurice launched an expanded line up at “SharePoint Thoughts”, a line up which, from the names, is a very significant development in the SharePoint blog community. There is no better illustration than todays Steve Peschka’s post on usage statistics. After Steve’s very modest introduction I feel like I have to point out that internally Steve is…


Mark’s great list of SharePoint Bloggers!

SharePoint List of Bloggers! Mark has compiled a great big list of SharePoint Bloggers, great to see the community growing!

SharePoint and Halo mentioned in same article!

Never thought I would see this, but SharePoint has been mentioned in an article about a possible Halo movie tie in: Can’t wait to see what google searches (or MSN Searches!) hit this page! Anyway, I’m not sure I agree with them, I reckon you could make a great movie about SharePoint Portal Server….


OLD CONTENT: Office 2003 Add-in: Web Parts and Components

I know it really looks like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel with this post, but I’m not, honest, I have hundreds of exciting <grin> posts just waiting to be written. No really! It’s just that I get requests all the time for information about where to get that “Groovy Web Capture Part” or “How did…


Quick Tip: Subscribing a group of users to an alert

We often receive the following request:“Can I subscribe someone else to an alert?” The answer is unfortunately “No”, there is no way to do this “out of the box”. However there is a workaround (albeit a little untidy) that may help you achieve what you are looking for. When you click on the “Alert Me” link you…