SharePoint and RSS

John Durant, who has an excellent and widely read blog, posted about SharePoint and RSS today after a friend asked him if he knew of any web parts. I did a post back here about SharePoint and RSS, but suspect it’s out of date  (hmmm…this is where Wiki’s work right?), so below is my update. Apologies,…


New User Samples on GotDotNet

Just spotted four new SharePoint samples go up on GotDotNet: SharePoint List Browser/Copier Demo ApplicationExample of how to upload a file to a SharePoint library via the FrontPage RPC protocolSharePoint Document Library Event Handler for Parsing JPEG ImagesWhat’s New Web Part for SharePoint Sites


The New SharePoint SDK

The latest release of the SharePoint SDK has seen some significant improvements, I know the content teams have been working really hard on these. Browse/View the SDK in the MSDN Library: Download the SDK: – SQL Full-text Search Syntax – Protocol Handlers Reference and Overview – An expanded introduction to SharePoint Portal Server – Expanded…


Branding SharePoint Portal Server

Well this is a topic very close to my heart.  Having spent a significant part of my life last year (<grin>) helping a very large customer in the UK deploy SharePoint, I understand how important it is for a product like SharePoint to reflect an organisations brand. In fact it can be the balance on one of those “go – no go”…


NEW CONTENT: Microsoft SharePointPSSearch SQL Syntax (Preview)

Download details: Microsoft SharePointPSSearch SQL Syntax (Preview) I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, and for good reason. I suspect there is a huge opportunity for adding significant benefit to existing (and new) SharePoint Portal implementations by designing your own customised search front-ends…. …and the best bit is that it’s really not…


Release: Share Points SharePoint User Manager

Nigel Bridport has dropped a great new utility into the SharePoint community with the first release of SharePoint User Manager (Nige, really need a catchier title for this one), seriously good stuff. Share Points User Manager


SharePoint MSDN and RSS

Superb news folks, SharePoint on MSDN now has an RSS feed. Get Subscribed!


New Content: Windows SharePoint Services: IntelliSense XML Files

This download includes an update of the XML file used to produce IntelliSense® information for the Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services managed object model within the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET IDE. Download details: Windows SharePoint Services: IntelliSense XML Files