Working with Web Part Pages Tip #3 – Making your navigation control expandable

The title on these posts is getting long, must be snappier! This is the third post in my “Working with Web Part Pages” series, and in this post I will step through how to group together pages by creating an “expanding/collapsing” style navigation. This becomes important as the number of pages in your site grows, consuming…


SharePoint and RSS Feed Generation

There seem to be a number of solutions out there to help you deliver SharePoint content via RSS, thought I would just put togther a quick summary (in no particular order!): 1. Maurice Prathers Web Part: Addy Santos BlogWave: George DataView and XSLT (via Bill Simser): U2U are working on something according to…


Is it taking ages to display the gallery when you are trying to add a web part?

If you find it can sometimes take 20–30 seconds to return the web part gallery so that you can drop a web part onto a web part page then this post is for you. The problem may be because SharePoint is trying to contact the online web part gallery, however, if your machine is not…


Why can’t I index SQL Server with SharePoint?

This question is actually answered with another question. Exactly how do you index a database? The problem being that a database is just that, it’s merely data. There is no “Standard User Interface” out there that works for all databases, so how do you display search results? Sure there are some techniques for creating a “generic” user interface for tables, think DataGrid and the like, but I’m not convinced…


The worst possible name for a tool ever imagined (good tool though)

I can say that because Nige can hit (well, try) me on Monday, and besides it’s true. SPUM2003 X1.1 While you are downloading this cool tool, drop a comment recommending a decent name. (btw, Patrick agrees the name is terrible)(btw, this IS a new name based on my previous dig here)(update: Paul doesn’t like it either)


NEW DOWNLOAD: Windows SharePoint Services with Service Pack 1

Download details: Windows SharePoint Services with Service Pack 1 Since I put on a marketing hat for a little while yesterday, I’m going to put it back on today and ask why the download file name is “STSV2.EXE”…. Guys, we are Windows SharePoint Services now, it should be WSS.EXE or something…Talk about confusing….


Release: Share Points SharePoint User Manager

Nigel Bridport has dropped a great new utility into the SharePoint community with the first release of SharePoint User Manager (Nige, really need a catchier title for this one), seriously good stuff. Share Points User Manager


Indexing Individual List Items on a Portal and Returning them in Search Results

Have you ever done a search, in a SharePoint Portal site, for a list item (announcement, contact, task, etc.) and been annoyed when the search results only bring back a link to the list and not the individual list item? By default this is the way SharePoint works. For example, lets say I was looking for a contact…


Large File Uploads

Ever received the following message when trying to upload a file to SharePoint? The form submission cannot be processed because it exceeded the maximum length allowed by the Web administrator. Please resubmit the form with less data. If yes, then this is because by default SharePoint limits document upload size to no greater that 50…


SharePoint and Querystrings

Recently did a little bit of playing with querystrings (at the end of the URL, that is after the .aspx, put a ‘?’ then the value below, to use more than one use an ‘&’), thought it might be something other people are interested in. Strange that I haven’t really stumbled across these documented anywhere else, it might…