Next SharePoint User Group UK Meeting

Nick has just announced the details for the next SharePoint User Group in the UK, for more information head on over to here: I was there at the first meeting and the numbers were fantastic, really great to see. We actually had to change rooms midway through the first presentation due to the numbers…


Couple of new blogs in the SharePoint Blogosphere!

A couple of new blogs have come online in the SharePoint blogosphere, just thought it might be useful to point them out: – Offline SharePointThis blog is by the Colligo Gang who have some expertise to share in the whole “How can I take SharePoint with me on the road” question. Look forward to some…


Active Directory and SharePoint User Tables

Thorough and detail blog post by Mr Keith Richie on how to cure the pain that is email and display name maintenance in SharePoint. Like Keith I have found that “most enterprise customers I have worked with find this feature really annoying”, so its great to see a fully documented solution. Keith Richie : Using…


Unwanted Authentication Prompts

I’m often bumping into customers who complain they are getting “Too many authentication prompts” when using SharePoint. So, I thought it would be useful to throw together a quick post outlining some of the common causes I have found, along with an explanation and possible solutions: 1) You are using “Basic Authentication” and you are getting an authentication…


A little speculation about Office Live

Apparently we release Microsoft Office Live today, which is something I’ve been really looking forward to. In preparation for the release I was doing a little research, reading through what some of the pundits are saying about it and trying to get a clear idea on exactly what it is going to offer. One of the…


All those hours of my life! Authentication issues with NTLM

I have lost more hours of my life to the old “double hop” issue than almost any other. No matter how many times I hit it, it was always the last thing I thought of. The number of times I hit it of course multiplied with SharePoint and web parts, especially when you are dealing…


NEW CONTENT: SQL Server 2005 Performance Test Results

Some new content has been added comparing the performance of SharePoint running with SQL 2000 to SharePoint running with SQL 2005. It all looks pretty positive…. “This appendix provides test results captured on the performance impact of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in relation to SQL Server 2005” Microsoft Office Assistance: Appendix: SQL Server Performance Test…


Here comes the 3rd decade…

Entering my third decade today, so if you feel like saying happy birthday…..and dont forget to mark your calendars for next year, I dont want to have to remind you each time, thats not what this blog is for!


New Content: Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services

This new document was released with very little fanfare. I have taken a browse through it today, while it’s pretty high level, and focused on specific issues rather than general advice on how to go about resolving unknown issues you might encounter, it’s worth adding to the kitbag.  Download details: Troubleshooting Windows SharePoint Services.


Using SPS to search 3rd party SQL databases

Just found someone (birchTree, hi guys!) out there wondering how they might go about indexing a SQL Server database with SharePoint.   Using SPS to search 3rd party SQL databases. I have often found customers posing the same question, and in a number of cases we were easily able to achieve just this using the…