Pint2Share: Dubai 17th-20th Dec

Making a Pint2Share call for Dubai, I’m here in this sunny city with an obsession for big things right now. Let me know if you want to talk SharePoint… Contact me here.


The Point2Share Blog Series Summary Post

This post is simply to summarise the Blog “series” I do, for example the “Working with Web Part Pages” and “Best Practices”. I still plan to do more of these, I just wanted one page I could point people at to find them, not sure this is the best solution, but anyway… I will add new links as…


Searching custom WSS columns with SPS Search

I have been meaning to get a post out about this very topic, Renaud at SPS Clerics has put some hints and tips together. I think this is a really powerful aspect of the product, with the gatherer automatically detecting item metadata then allowing the administrator to add it to the index, and search across…