Any takers? I’m thinking about changing my blog to a goldy colour theme, then sprinkling some pictures of diamonds around liberally, just wonder if it might push me up a little….<grin> Thanks for the chuckle Bill….


New Microsoft UK Blogger: Darren Strange

Darren is the Office “12” Product Manager in the UK and a good mate of mine (he was actually the guy that hired me across from the Australian sub all those years ago). So, to return the favour, I want everyone to pop over and tell him how good the name of his blog is (if…


Everyone is talking about it…A SharePoint Recycle Bin

The Microsoft Internet IT group has released a SharePoint Recycle Bin implemented via an ISAPI filter. This is really the only “bullet proof” approach to the problem with the current version of SharePoint. Read about it here from Chris: And here from Joel:!1pw3EWFLZcwvLlkcI8XdgIjw!148.entry