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No, I haven’t forgotten my “Web Part Page Tips” series, there will be a new one coming out within the next week, apologies to those who have contacted me for an update.

In addition to this though, I also wanted to kick off a series of “Best Practices”. The important thing is, I don’t want to be the only one writing these. I would love to see everyone across the SharePoint Blogosphere post their own “Best Practices”, perhaps even using a common title:

SharePoint Best Practice: <title>

Sure this is very low-tech, but by using such a title it makes it easy for people to pull together all the “Best Practice” posts using any client search applications

A “Best Practice” can really be anything, infrastructure, development or even an implementation tips. In fact, a huge number of great blog posts out there would already constitute a “Best Practice”. 

So, at the very least you can look for some of these from my blog, but I would really love to see the many other “Best Practices” out there that have been invented by the smarter, wiser and perhaps even better looking amongst you.

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  1. Hima says:

    hi Can u please send me the code for editing the document in share point through sharepoint object model

    Thank you

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