There are a lot of people in the room now…

Mark just did a good post of SharePoint Bloggers.


There are a lot of us….and with Jessica online, it’s already out of date.

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  1. Mark Kruger says:

    It’s up to date now 😉 I’ve been maintaining it for a while now so if someone has been left off, let me know. The OPML is also available but it is taking me several hours to get through the reading when I finally get a chance to look!


  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Thanks Mark, really appreciate your help on this one. You have no idea how often she is calling me with the line "Guess how many hits I have now" and "do you KNOW who just linked to me!"….<Grin>

  3. Mark Kruger says:

    Too funny… Well I’m looking forward to the reading. Catch up with ya later!

  4. Jessica Gruber says:

    Mark, you’re very kind!

    Daniel, your benevolent magnanimity overwhelms me. 😛

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