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Ryan has an excellent post on the infamous 898631 KB Article, worth a read, and worth noting that this was something taken very seriously internally at Microsoft and discussed at great length. We knew it was going to controversial, but at the same time we had to emphasise these rules to keep SharePoint implementations safe.

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  1. Andrew Wolfe says:

    MSDN has two articles on branding a sharepoint site that appear to be completely at odds with 898631.


    What files do I need to modify?

    There are a number of files that you need to modify to replace the standard SharePoint banner, regardless of how you choose to implement the new banner.

    In each area template, you need to modify the default.aspx files, for example, <%SystemDrive%>Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions60Template<Loc ID>SPSNEWSdefault.aspx.

    Note Each folder in this <Loc ID> directory that is prefixed with SPS represents a SharePoint Portal Server area template. For a list of area template descriptions, see About Template Descriptions.

    The second article then takes you through editing EVERY default.aspx file

    Are we saying that this article needs to be re-written and the Contoso example site recreated as it is an unsupported configuration?

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