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Dan Winter is blogging over here.

Dan’s a SharePoint Escalation engineer who likes to get his hands code-dirty. You will find some useful bits of sample code here on his site and becomes another essential addition to your RSS readers.

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  1. Mike Walsh Helsinki says:

    One thing I’ve noticed (and hate) with these MS blogs ( is that if you click on the RSS link and grab the URL it quickly switches you to a new page from which simple Back (s) in the browser don’t take you back to where you started (but always revert to that page).

    So the only way out is to do BackBackBack to get out of this loop.

    Annoying. I don’t suppose anyone in MS can get this browser grabbing seen to ? MS are after all dedicated these days to getting rid of spam (and that or its equivalent is what imo browser grabbing is).

  2. Hi Mike,

    I’ve asked around internally to find out what the deal is, stay tuned.

    And yes we are opposed to Spam! <grin>


  3. Hey Mike,

    I have not been able to reproduce that, and after talking to the folks who look after the site we are struggling to undertstand what might be happening.

    Mail me via contact if you want to investigate this further.


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